Who is Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Who is Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be more common than you think, with all types of people filing.

The latest statistics on who is filing bankruptcy reveal filers include people of all ages, races and background. Many filers have been to college or even hold graduate degrees. Many people turn to bankruptcy for help have jobs.

Dig into the bankruptcy demographic statistics from 2009 below. If you want answers about how Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help you and if you’re eligible to file, complete the form on this page. Get a free case evaluation with a local Chapter 7 bankruptcy and get answers.

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Bankruptcy Filer Statistics

Here are the bankruptcy filer statistics broken down by gender, age, ethnicity, education, income, employment, marital status and cause.

These percentages reflect the proportion of filers who fit each category. The data is from 2009.

Gender Percent
Male 49
Female 51
Age Percent
18-24 7
25-34 13.5
35-44 14.3
45-54 14.6
55-64 10.9
65+ 12.6
Ethnicity Percent
Caucasian 74
African-American 11.4
Latino 7.2
Asian 4
Native American 0.7
Other 2.7
Education Percent
Graduate Degree 6.3
Bachelor’s Degree 13.9
Associate’s Degree 8.6
Some College 28.9
High School Degree/GED 36.9
Primary School 5
None 0.4
Income Percent
Less than $20,000/year 38.4
$20-30,000/year 20.9
$30-40,000/year 15.4
$40-50,000/year 9.7
$50-60,000 6.5
More than $60,000/year 9.1
Employment Status Percent
Employed 59.3
Unemployed 16.2
Retired 9.3
Self-employed 10.3
Homemaker 4.1
Student 0.8
Marital Status Percent
Married 65.1
Single 16.7
Divorced 14.4
Widowed 3
Cohabitating 0.8
Reason for Filing Percent
Overextended on credit 73.4
Unexpected expenses 55
Reduction of income 64.5
Job loss 42.3
Illness/injury 31.1
Divorce 15.1
Birth/Adoption 9.7
Death of a family member 7.5
Retirement 6.7
Identity theft 1.9

If you have questions about whether filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help you, simply complete the free form on this page to speak with a local Chapter 7 lawyer.